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Welcome to the business side of the DreamWorlds community, if it can be said to have one... I was about to say the serious side, but that really is venturing a shade too far into the realms of the mundane, for our core concept is wholly driven by imagination and the power of creativity.

early days
DreamWorlds has always been imagination-led, growing out of a pen and paper role-playing community based on Tolkien's Middle Earth and expanding to take in more genre fandoms as well as generalist hobbies, then building the original forum website to house them under one inclusive roof.

However, many of the founders and senior members also enjoyed penning original tales and poetry, and so the basis of our writers forum quickly grew into a functioning editorial team, with people reviewing each others work and offering sound and salient advice on how to polish those small gems of creativity. Slow progress was made, spurred on by the example of Sue Bridgwater, who had already been published and had a novel, Perian's Journey (written with Alistair McGechie), in print. My own ambition to finish a themed collection of stories under the working title of The Safari Tales, with more than a nod towards the Canterbury model, led me onto the self-publishing trail and, in August 2013, the safari tales became Milele Safari and was finally launched on the 27th November 2013 courtesy of the print on demand providers Lightning Source International (also operating for individuals and smaller publishing houses as IngramSpark) in paperback and later on in e-book format.

growing confidence
Having a background in public sector publishing and software up to the mark, I found the independent publishing experience liberating, so it was only a natural progression to take the next logical step and make our informal writing and editorial environment a publishing collective with its own separate identity within the DreamWorlds family group. We already had our first project underway - an anthology of short fantasy stories and so work began in earnest on Dreamless Roads, the first of what we hope will be many DreamWorlds Publishing titles.

DreamWorlds' Word Smithy forum, or other places within the original website, will still form the portal into this, our publishing area, providing a proving ground for our authors to experiment with ideas and styles in an unpressurised atmosphere, without the need to take things any further unless they wish it. For those brave souls who do want to venture onwards, our publishing collective provides shared editorial and production skills to prepare our members' work for self publication, or to pass onto more traditional routes into print, whether that is on a page, screen or audio device, via the services of an established publishing house or literary agency.

future options for services
As 2017 draws to a close, we are now moving onto a more practical and flexible approach towards the type of editorial and design services on offer. A fee paying option will be added to the range of services on offer as not all our clientele are in the DreamWorlds community, or are, but no longer have the time to contribute to the skills pooling option. We will still be a 'not for profit' organisation, as our fee-paying work will be ploughed back into the community still to help with paying the bills for the technical and editorial team, both of which are continuing to grow.

Being creative in this digital age also entails a degree of accessibility when setting out on the marketing route, and so DreamWorlds Publishing will also offer our writers a platform to interact with their readers, whether through the blogging directory, or through onward links to bespoke areas for their online 'presence' away from, or within this website, or on the DreamWorlds forums.

Commercial success as a publishing house as well is still largely in the lap of the gods, but everything has to have a beginning and, as we all know, the road goes ever on...












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