by Sian Glirdan


A dark adult fantasy that ventures into territory seldom trodden, where the nature of creation is challenged and remoulded in a travesty of mutilation and degradation. In the world of Ordha, the Anghali and Serifali watch over the Creator's stolen children, the immortal-souled ShiĆ¢nfolk. The renegade Ainghal, Droghdurr and his chief servant, the demonic Serifal, Garliath, have other plans; abducting and torturing the bodies, minds and souls of any ShiĆ¢nfolk who stray from their birthplace. Their aim, to breed an evil army of undead Troichann, so they may subjugate all the mortal souls yet to be born into the world.


5 Star Reviews (taken from

by Sue Bridgwater

Sian Glirdain has managed to terrify and enthrall me with this book. Her depictions of the beings of Evil at their cruel work are chilling, and the story fills me with pity and sorrow at the suffering of the captives and thralls.
They say love will always find a way, but this story takes its protagonists to hell - and not necessarily back again, at least not completely. What if the only way to show your love is an act of evil?
A devastating tale, that made me cry out in shock at times. Produced from imaginative depths that I envy.




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