The Dry Well
by Sue Bridgwater & Alistair McGechie

Original map - Alistair McGechie
Graphic re-styling - Jan Hawke


On a hidden island in the far western sea, two children are born to the goddess Iranor and her mortal lover.
In the city of Sen-Mar, a boy is born fatherless, and he and his mother are condemned as apostates.
These three children are fated to wander as exiles over the lands of Skorn, seeking peace and consolation.
From island to island, oversea and undersea, through forests and grasslands, they seek what they have lost.

5 Star Reviews (taken from

by Jan Hawke

The overriding reaction I have is ‘elegant’, closely followed by ‘absorbing’ and ‘miraculous’. I like these gods, even Jaren, and the solutions their followers fall into, including the main protagonist, Saranna. I also loved the ‘not doing magic’ aspects, (also the Old One’s guardianship of ‘bottled’ Jaren, which wasn’t a ‘not magic’ thing, but was a goddess thing!) Just allowing the mortals (and demi-goddess) walk in miracles is a great cosmic solution, letting the powerful characters off the grand-standing spell-casting, to focus their efforts on searching for liberty and hope instead.



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